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Picture of blue angels in sky on Mickey Markoff’s Medium Intro about air and sea show production.
Photo by Jonathan Saleh on Unsplash

Hyundai Air and Sea Show Executive Producer Mickey Markoff shares the importance of honoring our nation’s heroes every day.

Photo of USA flag posted on Mickey Markoff air and sea show executive producer article about history of veterans day
Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Multidimensional marketing expert Mickey Markoff shares insight into the impact of social media on marketing.

Photo of doctor holding lucky strike cigarette box with text 20,679 physicians say luckies are less irritating-toasted; 1930s lucky strike ad posted on mickey markoff 2021 post on social media marketing
1930s Lucky Strikes advertisement. | From the collection of Stanford Research Into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising

Photo of feet graphic with text please help by keeping a safe stance of 6 feet. Thank you for social distancing. Photo by Elizabeth McDaniel on Unsplash
Photo by Elizabeth McDaniel on Unsplash

The new site seeks to take same motivation Mickey Markoff has in his work and share this with a larger audience with regular motivational posts and devotionals.

photo of bible, journal and plants by rachel strong posted on mickey markoff article about devotionals
Photo by Rachel Strong on Unsplash

Mickey Markoff

Mickey Markoff — Air & Sea Show executive producer, S. Florida | MDM Group | https://bit.ly/3eqtumk https://www.instagram.com/mickeymarkoff

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