Mickey Markoff on the 2022 Hyundai Air and Sea Show

Hyundai Air and Sea Show Executive Producer Mickey Markoff shares insights on the annual South Florida event.

Mickey Markoff
4 min readJul 15, 2022

This article was previously posted by Mickey Markoff in July 2022.

The 2022 Hyundai Air and Sea Show went off without a hitch, drawing crowds of eager beach-goers to Miami on Memorial Day Weekend to pay tribute to our nation’s heroes. The event has become a staple in South Florida since Mickey Markoff brought the concept from Chicago to the Sunshine State.

The history of Mickey Markoff’s involvement with producing the Air and Sea Shows started in the 1980s in Lakeshore, where Markoff first introduced the concept of private-public partnerships into the aviation show which was previously on publicly funded. The event was rejuvenated with a cash injection from corporate sponsors, forever changing the landscape of the Lakeshore Air and Water Show. Years later, Markoff brought the same strategy for success to South Florida, adding corporate sponsorship and public funding to make the events a success.

In the years since his first Air and Sea Show, Mickey Markoff and his events have been featured on Fox News, CBS, NBC, the Miami Herald, Haute Living, Ocean Drive, Variety, Local 10, and more. Hyundai has continued their dedication to paying tribute to our nation’s heroes alongside Mickey Markoff by also renewing their sponsorship.

The National Salute to America’s Heroes is renowned for bringing back the true meaning of memorial day, paying tribute to our nation’s heroes and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of our nation’s freedom.

“There is no better time than Memorial Day Weekend to pay tribute to our Military, first responders, and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our freedom” — Mickey Markoff

The “Salute 365” initiative and Folds of Honor Scholarship Fund are an homage to both, reminding all in attendance of the importance of our brave service members. The Folds of Honor Scholarship Fund, combined with the Gold Star Tribute television specials, both help to shed light on the sacrifices our members of the armed forces and their families have made in their service to their country. We salute and remember their sacrifices every day, and this mission is what drives Mickey Markoff to continue to produce the annual Air and Sea Shows.

The event started as a means of educating civilians and service members alike on the work of our branches of military, but has since developed a life of its own. With each year, the event has become more complex, with more to offer in both education and entertainment. The multi-day event will often showcase aeronautic demonstrations, fly-overs, acrobatics, as well as meet and greets and a presence from each branch of the United States military. Some years have also seen international aviation teams, including the UK’s Red Devils, the British army’s parachute display team.

2020 brought challenges for the originally scheduled Hyundai Air and Sea Show, but Markoff and his team pivoted the event to continue to pay homage to our heroes on the frontlines helping to combat the coronavirus. Salute 365 helped to reward four local heroes with new Hyundai Sonatas, and three students with scholarships for college. The following two years found the event renewed with vigor to be able to bring the event live and back on the beaches of South Florida, with coronavirus protections in place to ensure maximum safety during the event.

The 2022 Hyundai Air and Sea Show was a roaring success, with a myriad of demonstrations, a fireworks extravaganza, a live performance from 311, and a host of events schedule throughout the weekend for kids and adults alike. The 2023 Air and Sea Show production is already underway, and the upcoming event is scheduled for May 27–28, 2023. See you on the beach!

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