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Picture of blue angels in sky on Mickey Markoff’s Medium Intro about air and sea show production.
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Appreciating those who enrich our lives make can make the present moment that much more enjoyable.

Photo of father with son walking on the beach; posted on Mickey D Markoff 2021 article on gratitude for sons; Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash
Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash

Photo of feet graphic with text please help by keeping a safe stance of 6 feet. Thank you for social distancing. Photo by Elizabeth McDaniel on Unsplash
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Share what inspires you.

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photo of book with pages in shape of heart posted on mickey markoff intro to inspirations website
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Some pros, cons, and alternative things to say instead.

photo of USA flag on gravestone posted on Mickey Markoff article about Memorial Day.
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The new site seeks to take same motivation Mickey Markoff has in his work and share this with a larger audience with regular motivational posts and devotionals.

photo of bible, journal and plants by rachel strong posted on mickey markoff article about devotionals
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“No hay mejor momento que el Día de los Caídos para rendir homenaje a aquellos que pagaron el máximo sacrificio en nombre de nuestra libertad” — Mickey Markoff en espectáculos aéreos y marítimos y el Día de los Caídos

Photo de bandera de UUEE por el articulo de Mickey Markoff
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“There is no better time than Memorial Day to pay tribute to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our freedom” - Mickey Markoff on air and sea shows and Memorial Day

Picture of several flags stuck in ground for Memorial Day, posted on Mickey Markoff article about spirit of Memorial Day.
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A poem on the landmarks of battle by Mickey Markoff

photo of map with pins posted on mickey markoff post of poem, ‘maps’.
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Mickey Markoff

Mickey Markoff — Air & Sea Show executive producer, S. Florida | MDM Group | https://bit.ly/3eqtumk https://www.instagram.com/mickeymarkoff

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